Snail Drawing in 9 Easy Steps 

Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box.

1. Draw the margin.

.First, we take white drawing paper. And draw the margins around the white paper. Margins should be equal around. Draw the margin by leaving half an inch around to equalize the margin. If the margins around are even, the white paper will look nice.

2. Draw the snail’s eyes.

Kids, we can easily draw snail’s eyes, because snail’s eyes are round, so Snail drawing is very easy for kids. To draw the snail’s eyes, first, draw two small circles side by side. Draw two circles again centering on the small circle. Draw two tentacles over the eyes. Bend the top of the tentacles.

3. Draw the snail shells.

Kids, we can easily draw snail shells, because snail shells are round. When a snake sits round, it will start drawing snail shells just like it looks. When a small child is given a paper and pencil, they start circling like this, so you can draw it very easily.

4. Draw the body of the snail and its tail.

The body of the snail looks a lot like a boat. And every child knows how to draw a boat, so they can easily draw the body of a snail. From the neck to the tail of the snail will Stains, like a snake. The shell of the snail will draw stains.

5. Color the shell of the snail.

Use brown to color the shell of the snail. The brown color should just be in its shell. Care should be taken that this brown color does not go out of the outline. The shell of a snail actually looks like soil. Because the shell of the snail is like soil, its body is hidden in the shell so that people cannot easily see it.

6. Paint the head and the upper part of the stomach of the snail.

Give the snail’s head a green color. And similarly, use the color green to paint the upper part of the abdomen. Give the green color from the head to the tail of the snail. Leave the snail’s belly empty to give it another color. We have almost completed the color of the Snail Drawing.

7. Paint the snail’s tentacles and stomach.

Paint the snail’s stomach green and rub the green color with tissue paper. Similarly, use a light green color on the snail tent and rub it with tissue paper. Even if a snail puts its body on the grass, people will not be able to understand it easily.

8. Color the eyes of the snail and paint the scabs and the spots on the stomach.

Use black to color the snail’s eyes. Do not paint the area around the eyes and leave it white. Paint the face of the snail with a smile, as if the snail is smiling. Draw an arrow to draw the snail’s face. Draw spots under the belly of the snail in such a way that it looks a lot like a dragon. And draw spots the shells in such a way that it looks like an earthworm.

9. Paint the grass and border the body of the snail.

We will paint the grass under the body of the snail with the help of green color. And with the help of a black marker, we will give the whole body border of the snail. Look, children, snails are sitting on the grass with joy in their minds. In this process, we learned to draw snails very easily.

Snail Drawing is now complete

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