Snake Drawing By 5  Easy Steps

Snake Drawing Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw eyes.

First, take the drawing paper. Draw margins evenly around the drawing paper. Then draw round-shaped eyes of the snake. Make the tiny round eyeballs inside the eyes.

2. Draw face.

Draw the eyebrows with curved lines over the eyes. Then make the snake’s mouth with curved lines. And draw a line down from the eyebrow.

3. Make snake body and tail.

Make the neck with two lines very nicely. After making the neck, draw the snake’s body by making it like a circle. Draw the tail on the right at the very bottom.

4. Color the entire body of the Snake.

To color the whole body of the snake, we use dark green color. Give the green color very nicely on the entire body of the snake.

5. Color the eyes and floor and highlight the snake picture.

Give the black color to snake eyeballs. Do white color around the eyeballs. Give the light brown color on the floor. Finally, highlight the entire picture of the snake very nicely with a black marker pen. Hope you have followed our tutorial to draw a snake very easily.

Snake Drawing By 5  Easy Steps Is Now Complete