Sundar Pichai Drawing In 8 Steps

Let's Draw

Sundar Pichai Drawing Requirement Materials 

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw the eyes.

First, take the drawing paper. Draw a margin evenly around the drawing paper. Then We will draw the eyes and eyeballs very nicely of Sundar Pichai.

2. Draw the glasses.

Draw glasses over the eyes. Make the shape of the glasses rectangular. The eyes are seen from the outside, Draw glasses like this.

3. Draw nose and face.

First, make the shape of the face. Then draw the nose very nicely. Make both nostrils very well.

4. Draw lips and ears.

Make the lips under the nose. Then draw the lips with curved lines. Draw the ears on the left side of the head.

5. Draw hair and dress.

Make the shape of the hair on the head very nicely. Just the way we made it. Draw the collar of the dress very nicely. Then draw two lines towards the shoulder and show the rest of the dress.

6. Color the eyes, eyebrows, and hair.

Give the dark black color to the eyeballs with a pencil. Give it to the eyebrows too. Make very fine and thick hair with a pencil.

7. Color the glasses and beard.

Color the glasses very nicely with a pencil. Make the dark color of the pencil black. Make a beard very nicely from cheek to mouth with the pencil.

8. Color the dress.

We will give a light color with a pencil on top of the dress. Then give dark black color to the collar of the dress. After coloring, the drawing of our Sundar Pichai is complete. We made the Sundar Pichai picture very easily for you.

Sundar Pichai drawing is almost complete

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