Sunset Scenery Drawing In 7 Steps

Sunset Scenery Drawing Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Give red color around the white paper.

First, we will take the drawing paper and place the masking tape on the margin of the drawing paper. Then we will paint red around the drawing paper.

2. Give yellow and white color.

After coloring the red, we will color the yellow on the drawing paper. Give yellow color on the drawing paper in such a way that the middle part is empty in the shape of a circle. We will color white in the middle circle.

3. Rub the color.

Now, we will rub the two colors red and yellow well with tissue paper. After rubbing, the color will look very nice and the circle will be well understood.

4. Make the tree.

We will make the tree with the help of a black Sketch pen. We will make the trunk of the tree thick and the stalks of the tree very beautiful and delicate.

5. Make some leaves from the tree.

Now, we will make leaves on each branch of the tree with green color. Try to make the leaves very close and beautiful.

6. Make Some Flowers.

We will make some flowers with help of red, pink and white colors. Where we have drawn the leaves of the tree, we will draw the flowers next to it, this will make the picture look more beautiful.

7. Remove the masking tape.

Finally, we will remove the masking tapes placed in the margins. After removing the masking tape, the margin and the sunset scenery look very nice. Now our fascinating sunset scene drawing is complete.

Fascinating sunset scene drawing is complete.