How to Draw Sunset Sea Beach? Sunset Sea Beach Scenery Drawing

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Draw the Serenity: Sunset Sea Beach Art Unleashed!

Image Source: Unsplash

Requirement Materials -

White paper, Pencil, Pencil sharpener, Eraser, Color Box, Tissue paper

Image Source: Unsplash

Get a blank paper and move its edges with your fingers. Draw a straight line in the middle to make a Sunset Sea Beach picture.

Let's draw the sun! Above the line, make a half-circle for the setting sun. Then, cut a line in the corner of the page to create a cool sun picture!

Grab your ruler! Add a light shade above the sun in your Sunset Scenery. Make it just right, not too dark. Only shade the upper part of the page, leaving the lower part blank.

Let's make a pretty beach! Draw a coconut tree. Shade the water under with a ruler. Color below the tree using the ruler. Leave sun parts empty for reflection.

Finishing our scene! Draw coconut tree leaves with short, curved lines at the top. Create fronds! Add oval-shaped boulders at the tree base for rock vibes.

Make the tree pop! Shade one side of the coconut tree base dark and the other side light. Get creative with cool designs. Also, shade the rocks below for extra flair!

Time to finish! Shade the ground with your pencil, darker on the land side and lighter by the water. Sand should look sandy! After shading, your Sunset Sea Beach is ready!