Turtle Drawing Easy – How to Draw a Turtle

1. Draw the margin.

First, we will take white paper. we will draw the margins around the white paper. Draw the margins evenly around on white paper.

2. Draw the tortoise’s head and neck.

The tortoise’s head will be just like a rectangle. And the throat is like the English letter S.

3. Draw a picture of a tortoiseshell.

After drawing the face of the tortoise, we started to draw the picture of the shell. The shell is the home of a tortoise.

4. Drew the hands, legs, and stomach of the tortoise.

Then we drew hands, legs, and stomach beautifully. A tortoise spends his whole life in the hollow of his house.

5. Draw the eyes of the tortoise and draw the design of the shell on the back.

We will draw the tortoise’s eyes first. Eyebrows will be slightly above the eyes. Then we will design the tortoise shell-like piece of stone.

6. Paint the tortoise’s face and legs yellow.

This time we will start painting turtles. Paint the tortoise’s face and legs very light yellow.

7. Paint green over yellow.

Give the turtle’s head a green color somewhere more and somewhere less. The front of the legs will be a little more green and the back will be progressively lighter green.

8. Paint the back of the tortoise and paint its belly.

Paint the back of the tortoise red very lightly. Give a little more red color to the folds of the back and white in the middle.

9. Create the background.

The main importance of the picture can be understood from its background. We have given the deep, background of the sea behind the tortoise here.