Village Scenery DrawingWith Oil Pastels in 12 Easy Steps

Requirement Materials For Village Scenery Drawing :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw the tree trunks.

First, We will take the white paper. Draw the margins leaving half an inch to draw the margins evenly around the white paper. Then draw a tree trunk very close to the margin on the right side of the paper. Draw the trunk of the tree from the bottom of the paper. The tree trunk is much larger in length.

2. Draw two houses.

Draw two houses right next to the tree. Then draw the windows and doors of two houses. The windows are square in shape. In two houses, draw the door one by one. The door is rectangular in shape. And draw the roofs of the two houses beautifully

3. Draw the banana tree and river.

Draw two banana trees at the back of the house. And draw the leaves of the banana tree well. Draw the groove in the middle of the banana leaf. Then draw a river with the help curved line next to the house.

4. Draw bushes on the banks of the river.

On the left, We will draw small bushes of trees on the banks of the river. A small forest has been created with these small trees

5. Now paint the grass.

You all know the color of the grass is green color. we will paint the grass in front of the house green. Use a light green color on the grass

6. Coloring in the house.

The roofs of the two houses were painted yellow. After that, the bottom of the roof will be painted brown. And use dark brown color on doors and windows.

7. Paint the trunk of the tree.

Use brown color to color the trunk of the tree. Use a very dark brown color on the right tree trunk part.

8. Color the leaves of the tree.

Give green color to the leaves of the tree as well as a yellow color. The leaves of this tree are half-light green, half yellow, and dark green. The tree looks very beautiful with giving two colors on the leaves.

9. Paint river water, riverbanks, and banana trees.

Make the whole banana tree green color. To paint river water, use sky color. Use a very light sky color. Color light green on the left bank of the river.

10. Paint the small trees and palm trees on the left bank.

Paint the small trees on the left side of the river green. And paint the upper parts of the small trees yellow. Paint the palm tree with black and green color on the left side.

11. Paint the sun.

Paint the sun orange on the part above the palm tree. Then paint yellow around the sun.

12. Draw the fence and highlight the scenery.

Paint a fence around the house in black. Highlight the river bank. And around the house, the plants, highlight everything. Now the village scene is complete with painting and coloring.

Village scenery drawing is almost complete.