Watermelon Drawing in 6 Easy steps

Watermelon Drawing Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Make the shape of the watermelon.

We will take it on white paper first. Draw the margins evenly around on white paper. After drawing the margins, we will create the shape of a watermelon in the shape of a semicircle. Make a groove on the right side of the watermelon.

2. Draw the outer part of the watermelon.

We will draw the edge of the watermelon by drawing another similar curved line just above the line drawn in the semicircle. Then we will draw the round-shaped eyes of the watermelon. We will draw eyeballs inside the eyes and draw the mouth with curved lines.

3. Draw watermelon seeds.

We will draw the seeds from the right edge of the watermelon to the left edge. Draw in a row, leaving some space.

4. Color the inside of the watermelon.

The inside of the watermelon is red in color. So we’ll color the inside of the watermelon using red

5. Color the eyes, mouth, and seeds of the watermelon.

We will blacken the eyes. We will whiten the eyeballs. We will bold the curved line of the face with a black marker pen. And we will give black color to each seed of watermelon.

6. Paint the outside of the watermelon and make the love sign.

We will green color the outer part of the watermelon. We will make the love sign in red color. And we will bold the lines with a black marker pen. Now our watermelon drawing and coloring are completed. Very simple and straightforward.

Watermelon Drawing is now complete