White Tiger Drawing Easy Step by Step – Oil Pastel Drawing

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Master the Elegance: Easy Steps to White Tiger Magic with Oil Pastels!

Image Source: Unsplash

Requirement Materials -

White paper, Pencil, Pencil sharpener, Eraser, Color Box, Tissue paper

Image Source: Unsplash

Draw a round head and 'U' for a tiger. Add two ears with small curved lines. Invite friends to try! Awesome tiger making!

Draw big round eyes, add a round nose, and shape the mouth. Put cool triangles inside the head. Your tiger is super cool!

Let's draw the tiger's back leg! Start from the head, draw a line down, and add two curved lines for the leg. Great job, artists!

Draw toes for the back leg, then straight lines down for front legs. Connect them with curves. Add a curved line from head to legs for the neck. Great job!

Connect front and back legs with lines for the lower body. Draw a long tail with two curves. Add small lines and designs to make the tail fancy. You're doing awesome!

Draw triangles on the tiger's body edges. Color eyes black, add white to eyeballs, and make small black dots for detail. Fantastic coloring, young artist!

Color above the tiger's nose black. Fill head and body triangles with black. Extend to leg edges. Make sure all designs are filled. Great coloring, little artist!

Color ears inside pink. Add pink above the tiger's mouth and from neck to lower body. Great job bringing your tiger to life with colors!

Color light green for grass on the tiger's lower body. Focus on the grass to finish coloring. Well done! Your White Tiger drawing is almost ready!