Woolly Mammoth Drawing in 10 easy steps

Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1 :Draw a margin outside on your page.  

–Margins are very important for drawing any picture. Margins should be drawn with the help of a scale, leaving half an inch around the white page. Make sure the page is clean and tidy.

2 :Draw the elephant’s ear first.  

We will first create a cone-shaped structure by hand. That’s nothing more than a mammoth’s ear.

3 :Draw the mammoth’s head. 

A Mammoth’s head will be a lot like an elephant. Not oval or round. Draw exactly as shown in the picture above. You haven’t seen a mammoth so don’t be afraid to draw.

5 :Draw mammoth trunk.  

Mammoth’s trunk will be a little smaller. In reality, the mammoth’s trunk is much larger. Trunks will be small and curly at the bottom.

6 :Draw the body of a mammoth.    

In reality, a mammoth’s body is large in size. But we’ll make the mammoth’s body smaller here. Whose legs will be thicker and shorter? It looks like the head and the body is equal.

7 :Draw mammoth’s eyes.      

Mammoth’s eyes will be round. And the stars of the eyes will look forward as if looking forward. Draw an eyebrow by drawing a small spot just above the eye. Then we will draw some hair on the head like a little bush.

8 :Give red color to the whole body and head.        

This time we will first paint the body and head of the mammoth. We will also give red color to the whole body. Use red oil paste on the head and body here. Then rub a little with the help of tissue paper. Then you can give it a little orange color if you want but it will be very light.

9 :Paint purple over red.          

Now we will give a light purple color to the place where we have given red color. We will paint the eggplant from top to bottom, pulling small spots. This time we will paint the head and forehead a little more purple. Then we will draw the tail with the help of black color. We will paint the eyes with the help of a rule pencil. Finally, we will create a shade by rubbing a little purple under the feet.

10 :Highlight the outline.            

This time we drew the mammoth with the rule. We will highlight that outline with the help of a black marker pen

   Woolly Mammoth Drawing  is now complete