World Environment Day Drawing – Kids Drawing Competition

Today, we’ll draw pictures for World Environment Day in two parts. The first part shows how our environment is getting sick from pollution. The second part will teach us how to keep it healthy and live happily. Drawing this picture is super easy with 19 simple steps. Follow along, and you can create your own World Environment Day pictures. By sharing these drawings, we can help people understand how to save our environment. So, grab your drawing tools, join us, and let’s start creating together!

How to Draw The World Environment Day Picture Drawing?

World Environment Day Drawing

Here is some very easy and straightforward step to draw World Environment Day pictures.

World Environment Day Drawing Requirement Materials :

Here are the materials we need to make this World Environment Day drawing.

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Color Box
  • Tissue paper

World Environment Day Picture Drawing Step-by-Step Full Tutorial

Here are 19 Easy Steps to Draw the World Environment Day easily.

1. Draw the Tree’s Left Trunk.

World Environment Day Drawing

Start with a big sheet of white paper. Draw a straight line in the middle using a ruler. On the left side of this line, draw a tree with branches (no leaves). Don’t forget to add a wavy line at the bottom for the ground.

2. Draw the Man and Tree’s Right Trunk.

World Environment Day Drawing

Now draw a person on the left side holding an oxygen cylinder. On the right side, draw another tree, but this time make it full of leaves, super and more attractive!

3. Draw Factory.

World Environment Day Drawing

On the left side, draw a large factory with a tall chimney. Add two curvy lines above the chimney to show smoke.

4. Draw a Woman.

World Environment Day Drawing

Move to the right side again. Draw a small tree and a woman standing next to it. Draw a mug in her hand, as she waters the tree.

5. Draw a House.

World Environment Day Drawing

On the right, draw a cute little house. Make two square windows, a rectangular door, and a lovely roof. Before we start coloring, lightly wet the left side of the paper with a brush.

6. Use Orange Color.

World Environment Day Drawing

Pick an orange color and start coloring the left side. Make it darker at the top and lighter at the bottom. This will be our warming!

7. Use Red Color.

World Environment Day Drawing

Now, use red color on the upper part of the orange. Imagine this as a fiery sky – be careful and color it nicely!

8. Color Smoke.

World Environment Day Drawing

Time to color the smoke above the factory chimney. Remember, smoke is black, so color it with a deep black.

9. Wet the Right Side.

World Environment Day Drawing

Gently rub the black color of the smoke to the left. Then, lightly wet the right side of the paper with a brush before we start coloring the right side.

10. Color Left side Ground and Sky.

World Environment Day Drawing

Use a brown color for the ground on the bottom left side. Be careful not to get brown color on people’s feet! Let the color dry. Now, color the sky with a light blue color.

11. Color Right Side Ground.

World Environment Day Drawing

Now, let’s add the yellow color to the ground on the right side. Make it a dark yellow, but color carefully.

12. Use Green Color.

World Environment Day Drawing

Grab a green color and give it over the yellow. Make it look like there’s a field of small, happy grass.

13. Give Yellow color.

World Environment Day Drawing

Use yellow for the upper part of the tree on the right side. Make the yellow darker and keep it in the center of the leaf shape.

14. Color the People and the Roof of the House.

World Environment Day Drawing

Now, use green color on the upper part of the yellow for leaves. Then, color the skin with brown, the woman’s shirt with red, the man’s shirt with blue, and the house roof with orange.

15. Color the Little Tree and House.

World Environment Day Drawing

Use green color on the small tree. Then, add brown color to the lower part of the house roof.

16. Color the Tree Trunk.

World Environment Day Drawing

Pick a dark brown color for the tree trunk and the branches. Also, color the crooked branches on the left side. Use purple for the man’s pants on the left.

17. Complete Color of the Cylinder and the Two People.

World Environment Day Drawing

Color the man’s hair black and his shoes too. The lower part of the cylinder next to the man should be purple, and the upper part light red. Repeat the same for the woman on the right but skart green.

18. Color the Factory.

World Environment Day Drawing

Color the top of the factory building black. Add black to three buildings. For the chimney, use orange color. On the ground, make rough soil with brown color. Give a light purple color to the cylinder pipe.

19. Highlight the Picture.

World Environment Day Drawing

Make some birds in the sky on the right side. Add green grass. Finally, use a black marker to outline and emphasize the impact of pollution.

There you go! Your drawing is complete! It shows how people can happily live with nature on one side, but on the other, pollution from factories is harming the environment. Use this drawing to help people understand the importance of protecting our environment!

World Environment Day Video Tutorial

World Environment Day is here, and it’s a great time to show our love for the planet through art. This drawing tutorial is perfect for everyone, no matter your age or how good you are at drawing. We’ll go through easy steps to create a picture that shows the beauty of nature and why we should take care of it.

You’ll learn to draw things like trees, animals, and clean rivers. This is a fun way to think about our environment and how important it is. So, grab some paper and pencils, and let’s start drawing for a good cause. Your drawing might just help others who want to keep our Earth healthy too!

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