YouTube Star Hank Green Shares Cancer Diagnosis

Renowned science communicator Hank Green, popular for his YouTube channel, recently shared a heartfelt video where he revealed his diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. In his video, Green expressed surprise at the efficiency of the American healthcare system during his diagnostic process. The results were prompt and confirmed his diagnosis, but Green remained optimistic due to the treatability of his specific lymphoma. This article explores Green’s announcement, his perspective on advancements in treating lymphoma, and his determination to continue his work despite the upcoming challenges.

A Favorable Time In Medical History

Acknowledging the advantages of being diagnosed with lymphoma at this point in history, Green highlighted the remarkable progress made in medical treatments. The field of oncology has advanced significantly, providing a range of treatment options and improving patient prognosis. Green’s optimism arises from knowing that he has access to cutting-edge treatments and a comprehensive support system that can assist him on his path to remission.

Balancing Work And Health

As a busy YouTuber, author, and science communicator, Green recognized the need to make adjustments to his projects and potentially take breaks to prioritize his health. Despite the demands of his career, Green assured his audience that he would manage his chemotherapy regimen while maintaining communication through his newsletter. By keeping his subscribers informed, he aims to stay connected with his followers and keep them engaged in his work.

Seeking Light-Hearted Entertainment

In a light-hearted appeal, Green asked his audience for recommendations of uplifting movies, TV shows, and video games that wouldn’t evoke strong emotional responses. This request reflects his desire to find moments of joy and escapism during his treatment, offering respite from the challenges he may encounter. By engaging with his community in this way, Green invites his audience to be part of his journey and supports the creation of a positive and uplifting environment.

Hank Green Shares Cancer Diagnosis

Determination And Risk Factors

At 43 years old, Green’s determination to achieve a cure remains steadfast. He discovered his diagnosis after noticing enlarged lymph nodes and recognizes the significance of early detection and treatment. When discussing risk factors for lymphoma, Green highlighted previous medication use, autoimmune conditions, and childhood mononucleosis as potential contributing factors. By sharing this information, he raises awareness about the disease and encourages others to remain vigilant about their health.

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Impact On Work And Creative Projects

Green expressed uncertainty about the impact of his diagnosis on his work and creative endeavors. He acknowledged that chemotherapy would likely present challenges and cause him to feel unwell. However, he found strength in the support of his friendships, recognizing the value of investing in these relationships during this difficult time. Their presence and encouragement will undoubtedly play a vital role in his journey towards recovery.


Following the release of his YouTube video, Green embarked on his first chemotherapy session, sharing the news with his followers on Twitter. Although he had to cancel his attendance at VidCon, Green received an overwhelming outpouring of support and love from the community, demonstrating the power of solidarity in times of adversity. By sharing his experience and raising awareness about Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Green has helped shed light on the disease and emphasized the importance of early detection and treatment. With a five-year relative survival rate of approximately 89%, Green’s journey serves as a reminder of the progress made in the fight against lymphoma and the hope for a brighter future.

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